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Helsingborg Business Community is a community of highly educated people who recently moved to the Helsingborg area for various reasons. Sweden has never before seen such an in-migration of highly educated people as they do now, and that is why HBC is working to connect these people to the local labor market. We do this by organizing events such as workshops, seminars and network-fairs to inspire and inform international citizens of Helsingborg about their opportunities! We are currently working as an umbrella organization to guide and inspire people who recently moved to Sweden about the different local organizations that can help you understand the Swedish society better.

Helsingborg International Connections.

Helsingborg International Connections, or HIC, started in 2013 as a network for English-speaking expats. HIC hosts both social and informative events that are free of charge to attend. The best ways to get in touch with them is to sign up for one of their upcoming events or to follow them on facebook. Click on the picture above to go directly to their website. 

THINK Open space.

THINK Open Space is about being brave, creative and to have drive and ambition. It’s a place where you can try, get knowledge and experience. Their goal is to make Helsingborg more fun, sparkling and succesful with entreprenurship and creativity as our tools. At THINK Open Space you will find events with startup focus, creative hackathons and local initiatives. The space is open and available to all vistors and inhabitants of Helsingborg. Most events are free and in English. Please click on the picture above to be directed to their facebook page.


Invitationsdepartementet is a service that matches people who wants to practice Swedish with people who speak it fluently over a home-made dinner. The project started in Stockholm by an SFI teacher who noticed that her pupils seldomly practiced Swedish outside of the classroom and started matching her pupils with her friends over a home-made dinner. The project then spread to multiple other cities in Sweden and other countries in northern Europe. Are you interested in inviting a stranger over for dinner and speak Swedish? Then do not hesitate and sign up on their wr

International citizen Hub lund.

International Citizen Hub Lund is the only physical meeting place for expats in Sweden. Located in central Lund they host multiple informative and social events so that expats feel welcome and understand their new country better. Though they are located in Lund they work across the Öresund region has have good connections with International House in Copenhagen. Apart from events they also organize a job-program aiming to educate expats about the Swedish labor market and how to apply for jobs, as this is something that can differ greatly from country to country. Please click on their logo for more information.

Forza of sweden.

Forza of Sweden runs two different integration programs: Välkommen in, ta plats, and Vision of Sweden. Their aim is to help driven and creative internationals to find their path in their new country by helping them build up their personal and professional networks and give them tips and tools to success. Their main language is Swedish though this is a crucial tool to integrate into Swedish society. Find out more about their work by clicking on their logo.